An Angel Somewhere
CD cover
  1. An Angel Somewhere lyrics
  2. Yuppietown lyrics
  3. A Miracle Made You lyrics
  4. The Hollywood Go Go
  5. Flying Away in My Dreams lyrics
  6. Do It Again lyrics
  7. I'm Glad lyrics
  8. I Dream About You
  9. Howling Like a Wolf
  10. Mid City Blues
  11. I Just Want to Fall in Love Tonight lyrics
  12. Après La Revolution lyrics
  13. Do It Again lyrics
Nails and Crosses
CD cover
  1. Howling Like a Wolf lyrics
  2. Flying Away in My Dreams lyrics
  3. Nail You to the Cross lyrics
  4. Holy Moses lyrics
  5. You Know How It Is lyrics
  6. Get My Hands On You lyrics
  7. Another Man's Juliet lyrics
  8. My Best Friend Warned Me lyrics
  9. I Dream About You lyrics
  10. Sex and Drugs and Rotten Johnny lyrics
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Nails and Crosses $12.97
Songs From The Bright Side (Of a Dark Cell) $13
Stark Raving Songs $12.95
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Songs From The Bright Side
(Of a Dark Cell)
CD cover
  1. Every Angel up in Heaven lyrics
  2. Sweet Marie lyrics mp3
  3. A Savage God lyrics
  4. Get Me Straight Again lyrics mp3
  5. Christmas on the Bowery lyrics
  6. Dry Those Bright Eyes lyrics
  7. Night to Night lyrics
  8. Tango 332 lyrics
  9. All The Amateur Doctors lyrics
  10. The Fourth of July lyrics mp3
  11. In America lyrics
Stark Raving Songs
CD cover
  1. Rally Round the Flag lyrics mp3
  2. My Stinking Old Heart lyrics
  3. The Ballad of Johnny Hodel lyrics mp3
  4. Money lyrics
  5. The Oldest Rock and Roller lyrics
  6. Après La Revolution lyrics
  7. The Tick Tock Song lyrics
  8. We're All Going to Croak lyrics mp3
  9. My SUV and Me lyrics mp3
  10. I Don't Want to Come Out lyrics
  11. You're Sexy You Are lyrics mp3
  12. A Two Word Letter lyrics